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Infotecher is an information technology company that specialize in web pages, e-store development, their support, design work, SEO, programming. Our specialists are ready to help you by consulting on topics of interest in the field of IT or creating your desired product.

Our services

Top quality and professionalism


Creation of uniquely designed websites. We create the page design according to your wishes, using market analysis. The final product stands out and does not lose the functionality and efficiency it needs.


We create modern, convenient and intuitive electronic stores. We adhere to the highest security standards.


We can improve your visibility in the web by optimizing pages for higher results in web browsers. Internal and external SEO. We consult on internet marketing issues.


We perform various design works: creating company logos, advertising stands (banners), unique designs for websites.

Web design

We perform various design works: creating company logos, advertising stands (banners), unique designs for websites.

Web hosting

We host websites on our fast and SEO optimized servers. We give customers full access to their server. We advise and assist in choosing the right page hosting plan or server for the client.

Adaptive solutions

Meeting all standards

SEO services


Highly qualified specialists with many years of experience

Our programming services will help your business become more
  • Efficient
  • Popular
  • Profitable
We perform complex programming projects: data mining, algorithm development, program structuring. Our specialists can implement any of your IT projects. We cooperate with large companies and help them complete their tasks on time. Infotecher programmers specialize in many programming languages, database management.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

We provide consultations on issues of interest to you.

Why us ?

We are a team of professionals who can take care of a task of any scale and complexity. We offer:
  • Speed
  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Warranty
Let us create the image of your business in the online space. A successful online image is very important. We will create your website where you can communicate with your customers. We will work with you to attract more customers. We will help you with your marketing campaign, SEO.
Our specialists will help you to fulfill your wishes efficiently and quickly. The average web page creation time is up to 5 business days.
After completing many projects, we gain experience that cannot be offered by another company. Our employees are highly qualified specialists. We have a lot of experience working with foreign companies and working remotely.
We use the latest and most reliable security technologies, so our Customers can feel safe using our services. Our integrated global online payment systems meet the highest security standards.
Our Clients can rest easy after the project is completed. We will take care of long-term maintenance of your site: hosting, administration, security updates. We provide a one-year warranty.

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